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How Long is a Ball of Wool?

Can you count sheep without falling asleep? How busy is a farmer? How much does a sheep cost? Investigate the answers to these questions with this set of numeracy lesson notes and activity ideas.

Multiplication - Worksheets

Worksheets covering the 2 to 7 times tables. Printable worksheets and numeracy lesson ideas. Versatile activities suitable for multiplication learning at most levels.

Counting Sheep - Game

Count the sheep without falling asleep! A fun counting game for any ability. How many sheep can you count in the time available? There are 3 levels to try.

Wool Statistics - Factsheet

Wool is a freely traded international commodity. This factsheet gives examples of global supply and demand of wool. Useful for writing information texts in literacy or for numeracy lessons on handling data, interpreting data, averages and probability.

Sizes - Colouring Activity Sheets

Which is smallest? Which is bigger? Which one is big? Which one is small? These colouring sheets allow children to compare the sizes of animals and to expand vocabulary.

Colour and Count

How many lambs can you see? How many flowers? How many clouds? Colour the pictures and count the things you can see. Counting practice up to ten.

Shapes - Colouring Activity Sheets

Some woolly jumpers are covered in lovely patterns. Count the shapes on the jumper, colour the jumper and add your own shapes to finish the pattern. Recognising and drawing shapes. Counting practice up to ten.

Spot the Sheep - Activity Sheet

Find the sheep that are hiding in the picture. Can you find them all? Increasing observation and concentration. Counting up to ten.


Word Types - Game

Develop vocabulary, writing, spelling and grammar skills with this comprehensive lesson plan including activity ideas and worksheets to print.

Includes work on vowels, consonants, plurals, nouns and verbs.

Word Types - Lesson Plan

These multi-choice quiz questions support learning on vowels, consonants, plurals, nouns and verbs. An engaging way to develop vocabulary, spelling and grammar skills. Simply read the question and decide which of the answers is correct.

Find the Words - Wordsearch puzzles

Find the words in the grids. A selection of fun vocabulary puzzles to play.

Find The Words - Wordsearch puzzles

Find the words in the grids. A selection of fun vocabulary puzzles to try at school or at home.

Sheep Can't Spell - Game

Sheep are brilliant at eating grass and growing woolly coats but they are terrible at spelling! Help the sheep by finishing the words. An interactive activity to help improve literacy skills including vocabulary and spelling.

Baa Baa Black Sheep - Activity Ideas

Activities based on the well-loved nursery rhyme. Children recall the rhyme, consider the meaning of it and explore the characteristics of animals.

Dreaming - Activity Sheets

Ask children to identify what the sheep is dreaming about and why. Use these sheets as a topic for discussion. Encourage children to share views and to listen and respond to the opinions of others.

Letter Formation - Activity Sheets

Handwriting practice sheets containing activities to develop writing and alphabet skills and to expand vocabulary.


Wool and Other Materials - Game

Investigate materials in this Online Test Centre. Think about the properties, everyday uses and characteristics of materials. Sort and classify materials. Carry out experiments to discover how we can use materials to stay warm.

Wool and Other Materials - Notes

These teaching notes, activity ideas and worksheets support the Wool and Other Materials interactive game. Consider the properties, uses and characteristics of materials. Explore how we can sort and classify materials and how we can use them to keep warm.

Sheep Breeds - Factsheets

A set of factsheets introducing a number of British sheep breeds, their characteristics, environments, origins and the types of wool they produce. Full-colour photographs have been used to illustrate these factsheets.

Seasons - Factsheets

Use these factsheets to explore a year on the sheep farm. Discover why we have seasons, changes in the weather and how the seasons affect us and the world around us.

Wool Processing Terms Factsheets

The method of turning sheep's wool into a finished product takes time and special skills. This factsheet helps to explain the process.

On The Farm - Game

What are We? Use the clues to decide which living or non-living thing is being described. What will your highest score be? PLAY NOW to find out!

On The Farm - Notes

Which animals live on a farm and why do they live there? Printable lesson plan, activity ideas and worksheet pack considering living things, their characteristics and variation, environments, life processes and living and non-living things.

The Journey of Your Jumper - Factsheets

Wool comes from sheep. Turning wool into a jumper takes time and special skills. This factsheet helps to explain the process in simple terms.

Extra Resources

The Boy Who Cried Wolf - Assembly Plan

An assembly plan and accompanying PowerPoint presentation based on the well-known Aesop's fable - The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Suitable for using as a drama activity.

Matching Pairs - Game

A simple but fun concentration and memory game that requires players to spot the identical pictures. Colourful illustrations and large, easy to select buttons. There are two levels to play.


Print and hand-out these certificates as rewards for good work, good behaviour or to mark the complettion of a project.


These editable certificates can be personalised and printed to be given as rewards. Perfect for marking the completion of the project and a great way to say well done, thank you or good work. Over 5 to choose from.

Quiz Questions - Level 1

How much have you learnt? Pick the right answer to these quiz questions to score points. This quiz provides questions on the topic of sheep, wool and the wool process. Ideal extension activity.

Quiz Questions - Level 2

How much do you know? Play this quiz to find out! Pick the right answers to score points. Questions about wool and the wool process. Ideal extension activity and for assessing understanding.

The British Wool Marketing Board - Factsheet

Numbered facts about the role and work of the British Wool Marketing Board. For use with project work or as a useful introduction for teachers and other adults.

Classroom Display Printouts

These printouts have been designed for classroom displays, word walls and bulletin boards. Customise for your classroom.

Project Images

Bring learning to life with our unique British Wool Learning clip art. Download the set of illustrations to use freely in your project work and classroom displays.